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Adina Kutnicki

AD infinitum, akin to a broken record, this site has reported on the Gestapo-like tactics of Obama Inc.’s DHS, a captured operation. Orwell’s universe. And it’s into this Alice-in-Wonderland vortex which patriots, akin to filmmaker James O’Keefe, find themselves.

Conservative journalist James O’Keefe, known for targeting liberal groups and Democratic politicians, says he is now the one being targeted — by the Department of Homeland Security.

It all started in August 2014, when O’Keefe donned green fatigues and an Osama bin Laden costume and sneaked across the U.S. border to Mexico and then back into Texas, a stunt cited by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in congressional hearings. O’Keefe said in an interview Wednesday, that his point was to “show that our elected officials were lying to the American people” by saying the border is secure.

[James O’Keefe crosses border dressed as Osama bin Laden]

But he…

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